Attack! Attack! Attack!

Blow the cover on the snares of the enemy


A Little Note

WRW Publications offers a variety of titles by various authors. Many of the books we carry are by authors who hold to fundamental doctrines. Some do not believe in the deliverance ministry as we here at HBC and WRW teach. Others have written books against deliverance; yet, their materials are timely in combatting errors in the church. Some deliverance material contain so much error that we feel it would be too detrimental to carry. Some authors started out good and are now off the mark. 

You will find things with which you disagree in almost all books. We hope that you will spit out the bones, and eat the meat. We do the best we can to keep the bones as small as possible. WRW Publications strives to hold to the fundamentals of the faith; believing and teaching the whole council of God. We are fundamental in faith, charismatic in belief. However, we stand against the majority of the Charismaniac Movement. We also oppose the Word Faith Heresy, Manifest Sons of god doctrines, the foundations of Promise Keepers, holy laughter, the Shaking jesus in Pensacola, and the majority of the "Latter Day" movement. The Christian doesn't need to run here and there to have a revival, or to find Jesus. He or she just needs to look in their heart. 

There are many good books that will point you to Christ. However, there is only one book that will give you what you need to sustain your life here on earth, The Bible. Read your Bible daily. Fellowship with the Lord. Cast all your care upon Him. For in Him dwelleth all the riches of the Godhead bodily, and you are complete in Him.